Note:”Promises and Omissions” is not featured in “Speaks for Itself”

Incorrigible dirigible
so more than negotiable
so never knew this would leave me in shambles.

I’m clunky;
my red cheeks on the outside
Hide the hurt gnawing from clenching from keeping from saying all I feel bound to do…

is to keep running hoping I can reconcile with time.

Too many chance encounters;
I’ve only been taken by my own promises…

ones that I made only to myself or so it seemed until I gave them agency over me –
a dream that impacts its vision and makes me overlook all I should see.

If only my constitution could have stood down the predatory thieves.

They did to me what I did to my father;
in this I am karma central
but I never have to see the schiesters
but as my eyes can no longer bring themselves to meet his,
the mirror is now not my only potential captor
as my regret has the makings of familial disaster.

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