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Jeff Bailey is an enthusiastic poet whom finds that writing gives him a foothold to a world that is his and his alone. “Everybody (lucky enough) talks about the 5D, but during Covid-19 I have been courted by the 4D.

For as long as he can recall, Bailey felt that our world was the collective conscience that defined us – meaning “the singularity of his experiences had no relevance to everyday life” but reflection about the trajectory of his life showed him, in his words, “quite literally the opposite to be true” as reflection through writing opened him up to the, again as he puts it,”to the parallelism the past has as he moves forward on his journey”.

With a mother who was hypochondraical, a father who was an alcoholic and at the same mother tethered to her bed, Bailey put on one face to the world and yet would grow immeasurably in ways he could not understand until now.

“The idea that our experiences yield wisdom in our writing that maybe is coming from

another time in our lives entirely is a central realization to any writer, but is the universality of man. ..that I can tell a story that transcends a space or time but in its new light defying place and time in the past yet still uncannily once the words are put to paper has a divine import that exists in a new dimension of consciouness gives new meaning to timeless. The stories are writing themselves all over again”.

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